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Topics covered in the course:
  •  IMO 2020 0.5% S Specs and Potential Changes to Cat Fines/Al+Si, Pour, and possibly new specs for lubricity and compatibility
  •  Typical blend components for making 0.5%S bunkers and their properties
  •  Valuation/pricing of low Sulfur blend components
  •  Typical ULSFO recipes for:
  •          -  USA Gulf Coast
  •          -  Europe (ARA, MED)
  •          -  Singapore
  •          - Middle East,
  •  Calculating 0.5%S Fuel Prices, and Profitability of ULSFO recipes
  •  Avoiding 5% S blend compatibility issues: prediction methods
  •  Sourcing of blend components for making 0.5%S bunkers (USA, Europe, W Africa/EU, Singapore)
  •  Changes in the Supply Chain Peculiar to 0.5% S ULSFO
  •  Scrubbers and Economics
  • -  Scrubber basic design for SOX and NOX, open loop/closed loop
  • -  Input Data to calculate Scrubber CAPEX and OPEX, and ROI/DCF
  •  Linear Vs non-Linear Properties Calculation
  •  Increase your profit with a bunker blend optimizer. Step by step guide to be proficient in less than 20 min.
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Ara Barsamian has over 45 years of experience in the blending business

The key to a successful project is EXPERIENCE; this helps avoid problems seen before. Ara Barsamian is the President and CEO of RAI, and has worked and consulted for major oil companies, such as Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Aramco, and PDVSA, in the area of refinery offsites automation, and gasoline and diesel blending automation. He has more than 45 years experience with blending, offsites automation, and project management. He is a member of ASTM, ISA, IBIA, and AIChE.
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